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              Customers reviews on JuiceBox Pro 75

              Learn what other customers think about our EV charging station

              JuiceBox Pro 75

              WiFi-enabled 75-Amp EV Charging Station

              JuiceBox Pro 75 is our most powerful connected EV charging station with advanced smart grid features. It is ready to charge the biggest EV batteries available and great for both residential or commercial charging.

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              Share your thoughts with other customers.

              Real glad for this 75 amp version

              Six months' reliable service recharging our 2017 Chevy Bolt EV here at home, and continues recharging our car efficiently. Real glad for this 75 amp version which typically gives us a full recharge from almost zero in about 5 hours. Sent back the 45 amp version I originally ordered before seeing this faster Level II home charger was available. Highly recommended!

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